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I've got your roof needs covered

We're a local Melbourne roof tiling business with over 20 years experience. Whether you need roof repairs, roof restorations, roof painting or roof repointing we can help.

Roof services

Roof repairs and leaks


Got a leaking roof? Need a roof repair?  With over 20 years experience we can quickly check your roof, find out the problem and then fix it ASAP.

Roof restorations


Got an old roof that needs a new lease of life? Give us a call and we'll get your roof looking brand new in no time and for a reasonable price.

Gutter cleans and repairs


Cleaned your gutters recently? If not give us a call and we'll clean out any dangerous blockages that could lead to flooding or roof fires. 

*Prices may vary, $120 based on a single story 2 bedroom unit